Mimi or MIMI may refer to:


  • Mimi (given name), a list of people and fictional characters
  • Constantin Mimi (1868–1935), Bessarabian politician and winemaker
  • Mohanad Ali (born 2000), Iraqi footballer commonly known as Mimi


  • Mimi, Nepal, a village and municipality
  • Mimi, New Zealand, a locality in Taranaki, New Zealand
  • Mimi River (disambiguation)
  • Mimi Islet, part of the Bourke Isles between Australia and New Guinea
  • Mimi Temple, a temple in China
  • 1127 Mimi, an asteroid

    Arts and entertainment

  • "Mimi" (song), a popular song by Rodgers and Hart
  • Mimi (film), a 1935 British film
  • Un dramma borghese or Mimi, a 1979 Italian film
  • Mimi (2014 TV series), a 2014 South Korean television drama series
  • MIMI (literary award)
  • Mimi, a 1996–2004 television character played by Kathy Kinney on The Drew Carey Show
  • Mimi, a shape-shifting boss character from the 2007 video game Super Paper Mario
  • Mimi, one of the main characters from the Pop'n Music video game series
  • Mimi, a character in the Ro-Kyu-Bu!

    Other uses

  • Mimi (folklore), fairy-like being in the mythology of Australian aborigines
  • Mimi language, several related languages spoken in Chad
  • Mimi Temple, a temple in China
  • HMS Mimi and HMS Toutou, two British boats brought to Lake Tanganyika to fight the Germans in 1915
  • Mimi (horse), racehorse winner of the 1891 1000 Guineas and Oaks
  • Magnetospheric Imaging Instrument, a sensing instrument used to study particles in Saturn's magnetic field