Maya may refer to:


  • Maya peoples, of southern Mexico and northern Central America
  • Maya civilization, the historical civilization
  • Maya art, the art of the Maya civilization
  • Maya numerals, the numeral system used by the Maya civilization
  • Maya calendar, the system of calendars and almanacs used in the Maya civilization
  • Maya script, the writing system of the Maya civilization
  • Maya society, social constructs and practices of the Maya civilization
  • Maya (Ethiopia), a population native to the old Wej province in Ethiopia


  • Mayan languages, the family of languages spoken by the Maya
  • List of Mayan languages
  • Yucatec Maya language, a Mayan language frequently referred to simply as Maya
  • Mayan Sign Language, a sign language used by deaf and hearing people of rural villages of eastern Mexico and Guatemala
  • Pisabo language or Maya, found in the Amazon basin of Peru and Brazil
  • Ma'ya language, an Austronesian language of West Papua

    Religion and mythology

  • Maya religion, the religious practices of the Maya peoples of parts of Mexico and Central America
  • Maya mythology, the myths and legends of the Maya civilization
  • Maya (Buddhist mental factor)
  • Maya (religion), in Hinduism and Buddhism, the misperception of reality
  • Maya (mother of the Buddha) (died 563 BC), mother of the historical Buddha
  • Mayasura, a Hindu demon often known by the name Maya


  • Maya (given name), a name (including a list of people and fictional characters with the name)


  • Al Maya, a town in Libya (alternative transliteration Maya)
  • Al Maya Island, an island and resort near Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Amaiur-Maya, a village in Baztan, Spain, and site of the 1813 Battle of Maya
  • La Maya (mountain), in the Alps
  • Maya, Uganda, a town in Wakiso District, Central Region
  • Maya, Western Australia
  • Maya Biosphere Reserve, a nature reservation in Guatemala
  • Maya Karimata, an island in West Borneo, Indonesia
  • Maya Mountains, a mountain range in Guatemala and Belize
  • Maya River, a river in the region of Sakha, Russia
  • Maya Station, a railway station in Kobe, Japan
  • Mount Maya, a mountain in Kobe, Japan


  • Japanese ship Maya, several Japanese ships
  • Aero L-29 Delfín, a Czech military jet trainer aircraft (NATO reporting name: Maya)

    Arts and media


  • Maya (Surendran novel), a novel by K. Surendran
  • Maya (Campbell novel), a 2010 novel by Alastair Campbell
  • Maya, a 1999 book by Jostein Gaarder

    Film and television

  • Maya (1936 film), an Indian Hindi film starring Pramathesh Barua
  • Maya (1961 film), an Indian Hindi film starring Dev Anand, Mala Sinha and Lalita Pawar
  • Maya (1966 film), an American film starring Sajid Khan, Jay North, and Clint Walker
  • Maya (1999 film), an Indian trilingual film directed by Rama Narayanan
  • Maya (2001 film), an Indian Hindi film directed by Digvijay Singh
  • Maya (2015 Pakistani film), a Pakistani horror film
  • Maya (2015 Tamil film), a Tamil horror film starring Nayanthara
  • Maya 3D, a 2016 Sinhalese horror film also known as Maya
  • Maya (U.S. TV series), an American television series and sequel to the 1966 film
  • Maya (2012 TV series), a Tamil medical soap opera aired on Jaya TV
  • Maya (2018 TV series), a multilingual supernatural series airing on Sun TV Network
  • Maya (2018 film), a 2018 French film
  • Maya TV, a television channel in Honduras


  • Maya (Banco de Gaia album), 1994
  • Maya (Moheener Ghoraguli album), 1997
  • MAYA (M.I.A. album), or ΛΛ Λ Y Λ, 2010
  • Maya (Bipul Chettri album), 2016
  • "Maya", a song by the Incredible String Band from the 1968 album Wee Tam and the Big Huge
  • "Maya", a song by Bipul Chettri from the 2016 album Maya

    Other uses

  • Maya (bird), a folk taxon for several bird species in the Philippines
  • Autodesk Maya, a computer program for creating 3D graphics
  • Battle of Maya, an 1813 battle of the Peninsular War, between British and French forces
  • C.D. Maya, a football club in El Salvador
  • Washburn Maya Signature Series, a series of six-string electric guitars created by Washburn Guitars
  • Most Advanced Yet Acceptable, a product design principle associated with Form follows function