Mass appeal

Mass appeal as an phenomenon of mass psychology may refer to:
  • Argumentum ad populum, or "appeal to the masses"
  • having a generally appealing or popular quality, see
  • Mass culture
  • Crowd manipulation
  • Influencer
  • Mass media
  • Influence of mass media
  • Fast food, etc.

    As a proper name

  • Mass Appeal (play), 1980 play by Bill C. Davis
  • Mass Appeal (film), 1984 screen adaptation of the play
  • Mass Appeal (media), Manhattan-based magazine and media company
  • "Mass Appeal" (song), hip-hop song by Gang Starr from the album Hard to Earn
  • Mass Appeal: Best of Gang Starr, Gang Starr compilation album
  • Massappeal, Australian hardcore punk band formed in 1985