Marrow may refer to:


  • Bone marrow, the flexible tissue interior to bone
  • Bone marrow (food)
  • Marrow (vegetable), a mature zucchini

    Art, entertainment, and media



  • Marrow (album), 2018 LP by Madder Mortem
  • Marrow 2, 2013 EP by I:Scintilla
  • Marrow 1, 2012 EP by I:Scintilla


  • "Marrow", song by Madder Mortem from the 2018 album Marrow
  • "Marrow", song by Ani DiFranco from the 2001 album Revelling/Reckoning
  • "Marrow", song by Anohni from the 2016 album Hopelessness
  • "Marrow", song by Yob from the 2014 album Clearing the Path to Ascend
  • "Marrow", song by St. Vincent from the 2009 album Actor

    Other art, entertainment, and media

  • Marrow (band), American rock band
  • Marrow (comics), a character in the X-Men comic series
  • Marrow (novel), a science fiction novel by Robert Reed


  • Alex Marrow (born 1990), English professional footballer (Blackburn Rovers and Crystal Palace)
  • Deborah Marrow (1948–2019), American arts administrator
  • Tracy Marrow (born 1958), American rapper and actor better known as Ice-T

    Other uses

  • Bone marrow (food)
  • Fort Marrow, a historic American Civil War fort and archaeological site, Huttonsville, West Virginia, U.S.
  • Marrow, the student branch of the Anthony Nolan charity
  • Marrow Controversy, occasioned by the republication of The Marrow of Modern Divinity in 1718