Manifest may refer to:

  • Manifest (transportation), a document listing the cargo, passengers, and crew of a ship, aircraft, or vehicle, for the use of customs and other officials
  • Manifest file, a computer file that enumerates files that are contained in a package
  • Manifest, Louisiana, an unincorporated area in Catahoula Parish, Louisiana



  • Manifest (Impaled Nazarene album), 2007
  • Manifest (Linda Sundblad album), 2010
  • Manifest, a 2008 album by Chessie
  • Manifest!, a 2012 album by Friends


  • "Manifest", a song by Sepultura from Chaos A.D.
  • "Manifest", a song by the Fugees from The Score
  • "Manifest", a song by Gang Starr from No More Mr. Nice Guy
  • "Manifest", a song by Starset from Divisions
  • "Manifest", a song by Andrew Bird from My Finest Work Yet

    Other arts, entertainment, and media

  • Manifest (convention), a Melbourne anime festival
  • Manifest (TV series), a 2018 American television series