Madonna Staunton

Madonna Pearl Staunton (1938–2019) was an artist and poet who lived in Brisbane.

Background and career

Madonna Staunton was born in Murwillumbah in 1938 and died in Brisbane in 2019. Staunton is recognised for her contributions to Australian Modernism over five decades. Studying in Brisbane under Bronwyn Thomas, Staunton was quickly recognised as one of Brisbane's upcoming artists.

Staunton's earlier work consisted of torn sections of Contemporary Art Society newsletter and magazines. Her art was informed by notably poetry, literature, music and Buddism and Zen philosophy. culture Illness in 1974, forced Staunton to reconsider her method from large scale paintings to collage. In the 1980's, Staunton showed an interest in assemblage and sculpture, along with a return to painting.

Staunton has used small everyday items in her works such as tickets, matchboxes, piano keys, book bindings taken from urban waste and assembled in an abstract format. Some say her art brings intense meditative and introspective qualities, perhaps reflective of her cultural beliefs.

In the 1996 Australian Day Honours Staunton was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for "service to the visual arts" and received a National Women's Art Award.

Staunton died on 16 December 2019. A memorial service was held at the University of Queensland Art Museum, Brisbane.

Individual exhibitions

Group exhibitions