Luch (watch)

Luch ( Луч , ray, beam) is a watch brand produced by the OJSC Minsk Watch Plant, the only watch plant in Belarus. The decision to build the plant was taken in 1953, and from 1955 watches were produced in Minsk, including the brands Luch, Zarya and Vympel. Famous wearers include Leonid Brezhnev, Andrei Gromyko, and Mikhail Suslov. Since 2010 the Minsk Watch Plant is owned by the Swiss company Franck Muller.

Watch production

The plant has kept the full cycle of watch production.} As of 2018, OJSC Minsk Watch Plant makes its own mechanical movement, 1801, and in some models the quartz movement 2356 is used. All other quartz movements are Japanese or Swiss.

As of 2018, the OJSC Minsk Watch Plant is privately owned. 19,97% of its shares are as state share in Charter Fund,} and 80% are owned by Franck Muller.


Luch has produced the following collections:
  • "One hand watch" — watch with only one hand;
  • "Retro" — models of the 1960s in modern interpretation;
  • "Ceramic" — ceramic metal watch, made of hypoallergenic materials;
  • "Ego" — mechanical watch, with a case made of steel, with a sapphire crystal and transparent back cover;
  • "Volat" — watch with chronograph, water resistant, sapphire crystal, made of stainless steel;
  • "Tweed" — watch with an alarm clock, on tweed straps.

    Brand chain of stores Luch

    As of 2018 in Belarus there are 14 brand stores of Luch, seven of which are located in Minsk.

    Non-core production

    The OJSC Minsk Watch Plant also produces equipment for technical industrial purposes, among which are quartz car clocks, manometers and printed circuit boards (also for phones).


    A number of certificates were received for the products of the OJSC Minsk Watch Plant:}
  • For manufacturing of products of the enterprise the certificate of conformity on quality management system according to requirements of the international standard ISO 9001-2001 No. ВY/112 05.01.003 0030 is received.
  • Mechanical and quartz wrist- and pocket watches have received certificates of state hygienic registration No. 08-33-9.62541; 08-33-9.62543.
  • In accordance with the decree of State Standard of the Republic of Belarus No. 23 dated 28.07.2000 "On mandatory certification of watches" and resolution No. 4 dated 04.01.2003 the company's products are certified in "the National system of certification of the Republic of Belarus" — STB 5.1.04-96.
  • All products of the enterprise are also certified in "the Russian system of certification".