Love Ain't No Stranger

"Love Ain't No Stranger" is a power ballad by the English hard rock band Whitesnake, and is taken from the band's US-breakthrough album Slide It In. The song charted at number 44 on the UK Singles Chart and 34 on the US Mainstream rock charts

The song starts with keyboardist Jon Lord's keyboards with emotional vocal delivery from singer David Coverdale. The song keeps a slow tempo until the guitars and drums kick in when the song tempo drastically changes and becomes a hard driving rock song. The slow tempo "ballady" section doesn't emerge again until the very middle and very end of the song. According to the 25th Anniversary Edition booklet of Slide It In, the keyboard intro was originally written for guitars, but was eventually switched to keyboards. Also, Coverdale told in the edition's booklet that drummer Cozy Powell once told the singer that "Love Ain't No Stranger" was the best track he'd ever played drums on.

The song was very well received and has been a Whitesnake live staple for many years. Eduardo Rivadavia of described the song as "one of the decade's greatest power ballads, bar none."

A music video was also made for the song, which depicts the band performing the song at a mock concert, with scenes of Coverdale running after an unknown woman. At the end of the video, Coverdale climbs on to a truck and hugs the woman, but as he turns around he sees that the woman has switched and that the woman he was after is standing on the ground. As the truck, along with Coverdale on it, starts to drive away Coverdale stares at the woman as she disappears into the mist.

Track listing


  • David Coverdalelead vocals, percussion
  • Micky Moodyguitars (UK version)
  • John Sykes – guitars (US version)
  • Mel Galley – guitars, backing vocals
  • Colin Hodgkinsonbass (UK version)
  • Neil Murray – bass (US version)
  • Cozy Powelldrums
  • Jon Lord – keyboards