Loser or Losers may refer to:

Film and television

  • Loser, a 1996 film directed by Kirk Harris
  • Loser (film), a 2000 movie starring Jason Biggs and Mena Suvari
  • The Losers (film), the 2010 film adaptation of the Vertigo comic
  • "Loser" (Grounded for Life), a 2001 episode of Grounded for Life
  • Losers (2015 film), a 2015 Bulgarian film
  • L.O.S.E.R.S., fictional characters featuring in The Fairly OddParents episodes
  • Losers (TV series), a Netflix television series

    Literature and publications

  • Loser (novel), a 2002 novel by Jerry Spinelli
  • Losers (comics), two comic book teams published by DC Comics
  • The Losers (Vertigo), the Vertigo "modernization" of the classic comic
  • The Loser, a 1983 novel by Thomas Bernhard


  • Losers (band), a British rock band
  • Loser (band), an American rock band
  • "Loser" (Big Bang song), a 2015 song by Big Bang
  • "Loser" (Beck song), a 1993 song by Beck
  • "Loser" (3 Doors Down song), a 2000 song by 3 Doors Down from their album The Better Life
  • "Loser" (Ayreon song), a 2005 song by Ayreon
  • Losers (album), a 1990 album by Sentridoh
  • "Loser", a 1972 song by Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter that appeared on Garcia, and was later covered by Cracker on their album Kerosene Hat
  • "Loser", a song by Limp Bizkit from Gold Cobra
  • "Losers" (The Weeknd song), on the 2015 album Beauty Behind the Madness
  • "Losers", a song by The Belle Brigade from The Belle Brigade
  • "LOSER / Number Nine", a 2016 single by Kenshi Yonezu.

    In other uses

  • In contract bridge, a card which will never win a trick
  • Loser (hand gesture), a hand gesture made by extending the thumb and index fingers, leaving the other fingers closed to create the letter L, interpreted as "loser", and generally given as a demeaning sign
  • Loser (mountain), a mountain in Ausseerland, Styria, Austria