Los del Río

Los del Río (, "Those from the River"), also known as The Del Rios, are a Spanish Latin pop and dance duo which was formed in 1962 by Antonio Romero Monge (born 1936) and Rafael Ruiz Perdigones (born 1942). They are best known for their hit dance single "Macarena", originally released in August 1995. The song went on to become a worldwide success.


The single "Tengo, tengo" was released on February 18, 1996, and appeared later that year on the album Fiesta Macarena. The group ultimately released six albums: A mí me gusta, Macarena Non Stop, Fiesta Macarena, Colores, Rio y Guestano and Alegria y cosabuena. Five of the albums featured versions of "Macarena", in different styles and remixes.

Because of their considerable success worldwide, their native town of Dos Hermanas has named a new municipal music hall, the Anfiteatro Los del Río, after them.

Another well-known song by Los del Río is "Sevilla tiene un color especial," which is featured prominently in the Spanish movie Ocho apellidos vascos.