List of New Testament minuscules (2701–2800)

A New Testament minuscule is a copy of a portion of the New Testament written in a small, cursive Greek script (developed from Uncial).


  • The numbers (#) are the now standard system of Caspar René Gregory, often referred to as the Gregory-Aland numbers.
  • Dates are estimated to the nearest 100 year increment where specific date is unknown.
  • Content generally only describes sections of the New Testament: Gospels, The Acts of the Apostles (Acts), Pauline epistles, and so on. Sometimes the surviving portion of a codex is so limited that specific books, chapters or even verses can be indicated. Linked articles, where they exist, generally specify content in detail, by verse.
  • Digital images are referenced with direct links to the hosting web pages, with the exception of those at the INTF. The quality and accessibility of the images is as follows:
    † Indicates the manuscript has damaged or missing pages.
    Indicates only a portion of the books were included.
    Indicates manuscript also includes a commentary.
    Indicates lost portions of manuscript replaced via supplement of a later hand.
    (abschrift) Indicates manuscript is copy.
    [ ] Brackets around Gregory-Aland number indicate the manuscript belongs to an already numbered manuscript, was found to not be a continuous text manuscript, was found to be written in modern Greek versus Koine Greek, was proved a forgery, or has been destroyed.

    Minuscules 2701–2800