Lasse is a common masculine given name in Nordic countries. It is also often a nickname for people named Lars or Lauri.


Notable people named Lasse include:
  • Lasse Åberg (born 1940), Swedish actor, musician, film director and artist
  • Lasse Gjertsen (born 1984), Norwegian animator
  • Lasse Granqvist (born 1967), Swedish sports commentator
  • Lasse Hallström (born 1946), Swedish film director
  • Lasse Holm (born 1943), Swedish composer, lyricist and singer
  • Lasse Karjalainen (born 1974), Finnish retired footballer
  • Lasse Kjus (born 1971), Norwegian former alpine skier
  • Lasse Kukkonen (born 1981), Finnish hockey defenceman
  • Lasse Mårtenson (1934-2016), Finnish singer and composer
  • Lasse Nielsen (disambiguation)
  • Lasse Pirjetä (born 1974), Finnish hockey forward
  • Lasse Pöysti (1927-2019), Finnish actor
  • Lasse Qvist (born 1987), Danish football player
  • Lasse Rimmer (born 1972), Danish comedian
  • Lasse Sætre (born 1974), Norwegian retired speed skater
  • Lasse Sobiech (born 1991), German footballer
  • Lasse Thoresen (born 1949), Norwegian composer and writer
  • Lasse Virén (born 1949), Finnish Olympic champion long-distance runner
  • Lasse Wiklöf (1944–2008), politician in the Åland Islands of Finland