Koyote () is a South Korean co-ed vocal group consisting of members Kim Jong-min, Shin Ji, and Bbaek Ga. The group, which is known for its signature dance and hip hop sound, debuted in 1998 with hit song "Genuine".

Since its debut, Koyote has released ten studio albums, three extended plays, and numerous singles. The group has won several major awards including five Bonsangs at the Golden Disc Awards, four awards for Best Mixed Group at the Mnet Asian Music Awards, and the Grand Prize at the 2005 KBS Music Awards.

The group has gone through numerous line-up changes over the years, and Shin Ji is the group's only remaining original member.


Prior to debut, member Cha Seung Min had been an actor, starring in a show called Push!Push!. With Shin Ji, and Kim Goo, they formed Koyote as a 3 member Co-ed group

1999-2003- Departure of Cha Seung Min, arrest of Kim Goo, and new line-up changes

Koyote's first single, Koyote Volume 1, received positive reviews among its release, and they instantly became well known for their song "Pure Love." in 2000, their song "Passion" Instantly became a hit, with their popularity beginning to rise up. However, Cha Seung Min left the group to focus on studies, in which Kim Jong Min replaced him as lead vocals. In 2001, Kim Goo was arrested during the shooting of one of their videos due to drug use, and was replaced by Jung Myung Hoon.

2004-present, Bbaek Ga's surgery, Enlistment of Jong-min, and departure of Myung Hoon

in 2004, Myung Hoon left the group to fulfill his military Service, and was replaced by Bbaek Ga. They released Feel Up Doeda, which won the Korean Daesang for best artist. In 2007, they went on hiatus due to Jong-min and Bbaek Ga needing to fulfill his military service. They returned with 2 members, Jong Min and Shin Ji, with Bbaek Ga being absent due to a brain tumor. They released their 10th studio album Jumpin, with their lead Single "Return"

Between 2010 and 2011, Koyote began to release Eps. Their Eps garnered mixed reviews, with Koyote beginning to release non album singles prior to the reviews. In 2015, their single "Stop love" Peaked at number 99 on the Gaon Chart, making that their first single to appear on the chart. Between 2016-2018, they hinted at a possible album in 2019, with 2 songs recorded in 2018. After, they went on Hiatus until 2019, when their album "Reborn" was released.


Current members

  • Kim Jong-min (김종민) joined in 2000
  • Shin Ji (신지) original member
  • (빽가) joined in 2004

    Former members

  • (차승민)- left in 2000
  • (김구)- kicked out in 2001
  • (김영완)- temporary rapper in 2003
  • (정명훈)- Temporary rapper from 2003-2004


  • Koyote Volume 1 (1999)
  • Koyotae 2nd (1999)
  • Passion (2000)
  • Philip (2002)
  • Emergency (2003)
  • Koyote 6 (2004)
  • Rainbow (2004)
  • Feel Up (2005)
  • London Koyote (2006)
  • Jumping (2009)

    Awards and nominations

    Golden Disc Awards

    KBS Music Awards

    KMTV Korean Music Awards

    Mnet Asian Music Awards

    SBS Gayo Daejeon

    Seoul Music Awards