Kiss of Life

Kiss of Life often refers to:

  • Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, a form of artificial ventilation

    Kiss of Life may also refer to:



  • Kiss of Life (Siedah Garrett album), 1988
  • Kiss of Life, 1989 album by the Gothic rock band Gene Loves Jezebel


  • "Kiss of Life", by Peter Gabriel on Security (1982)
  • "Kiss of Life" (Sade song), 1992 single
  • "Kiss of Life" (Bee Gees song) (ca. 1993)
  • "Kiss of Life" (Ken Hirai song) 2001 single
  • "Kiss of Life" (Friendly Fires song) 2003 single
  • "Kiss of Life" (Supergrass song),2004 song


  • "Kiss of Life", photograph by Rocco Morabito
  • Kiss of Life (film), 2003 British drama
  • Kiss of Life, 2009 zombie novel, the sequel to Generation Dead