King Philip

King Philip may refer to

  • Philip II of Macedon (380–336 BC), Greek conqueror and father of Alexander the Great
  • Philippe of Belgium (born 1960)
  • Ee-mat-la (died 1839), war leader of the Seminole in the Second Seminole War
  • Metacomet (died 1676), war leader of the Wampanoag in King Philip's War
  • Philip I of Castile "the Handsome" (1478–1506)
  • Philip I of France (1052–1108)
  • Philip II of France (1165–1223)
  • Philip III of France, "the Bold" (1245–1285)
  • Philip IV of France (Philip I of Navarre), "the Fair" (1268–1314)
  • Philip V of France (Philip II of Navarre), "the Tall" (1293–1322)
  • Philip VI of France, "the Fortunate" (1293–1350)
  • Philip III of Navarre (1301–1343)
  • Philip I Philadelphus Seleucid (95–84/83 BC)
  • Philip II Philoromaeus last Seleucid (65–63 BC)
  • Philip II of Spain and I of Portugal (1526–1598), also King of England and Ireland by marriage (1554–1558)
  • Philip III of Spain and II of Portugal (1578–1621)
  • Philip IV of Spain and III of Portugal (1605–1665)
  • Philip V of Spain (1683–1746)
  • Philip VI of Spain, more often known by his Spanish name of Felipe VI (born 1968)
  • Philip of Swabia, king of Germany and duke of Swabia (1177–1208)
  • Philip of Sweden (12th century)
  • Philip Simonsson, Bagler pretender and ruler of eastern Norway (1207–1217) during the reign of Inge II of Norway