Kempton (name)

Kempton is both an English surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include:Surname:
  • Adam Kempton (born 1957) Australian politician
  • Arthur Kempton (1889–1958), English footballer
  • David Kempton (born 1956), Australian politician
  • George Kempton (1871–1945), Australian politician
  • Gloria Kempton (1951–1991) American author
  • Greta Kempton (1901–1991) Austrian-born American artist
  • Jenny Twitchell Kempton (1835–1921), American classical contralto
  • Murray Kempton (1917–1997) American journalist
  • Tim Kempton (born 1964) American professional basketball player

    Given name:
  • Kempton Bunton (1900–1976) British disabled pensioner who allegedly stole a Francisco Goya painting
  • Kempton Greene (1890–1966) American silent film actor

    Fictional characters:
  • Dane Kempton, elderly poet in the 1903 novel The Kempton-Wace Letters by Jack London and Anna Strunsky
  • Jack Kempton, fictional character in Best Friends Together