Kelly may refer to:

Art and entertainment

  • Kelly (Kelly Price album)
  • Kelly (Andrea Faustini album)
  • Kelly (musical), 1965 musical by Mark Charlap
  • "Kelly" (song), a 2018 single by Kelly Rowland
  • Kelly (Australian TV series), Australian television
  • Kelly (talk show), a Northern Ireland television talk and variety show
  • Kelly Kelly (TV series), 1998 U.S. sitcom on the WB television network


  • Kelly (given name), an English-language unisex given name
  • Kelly (surname), an English-language version of an Irish, or Cornish and Devonian surname
  • Clan Kelly, a Scottish clan
  • Kelly House, Devon, seat of the ancient Devonian Kellys
  • The Kelly Family, an Irish-American-European music group
  • Kelly (musician), a character portrayed by Liam Kyle Sullivan



  • Kelly, South Australia, a locality
  • Kelly Basin, Tasmania
  • Hundred of Kelly, a cadastral unit in South Australia


  • Kollu, Dashkasan

    Trinidad and Tobago

  • Kelly Village, Caroni County, Tunapuna-Piarco

    United Kingdom

  • Kelly, Devon dating back to 1100 and meaning 'Grove' in Cornish
  • Kelly Bray, Cornwall, Kellivre meaning 'dappled grove'
  • Celliwig, Welsh spelling of the earliest location of King Arthur's court

    United States

  • Kelly Air Force Base, is then Kelly Field Annex
  • Kelly, California
  • Kelly, Kansas
  • Kelly, Kentucky, a community best known for the location of the 1955 Kelly-Hopkinsville alien encounter
  • Kelly, Louisiana
  • Kelly, North Carolina
  • Kelly, Texas
  • Kelly, West Virginia
  • Kelly, Wisconsin, a town
  • Kelly, Juneau County, Wisconsin, an unincorporated community
  • Kelly, Wyoming
  • Kelly Township, Union County, Pennsylvania

    Other uses

  • Kelly criterion, a mathematical way to balance risks
  • Kelly drive, part of a drilling rig
  • Kelly tool, used in fire and rescue services for forcible entry
  • Kelly forceps, type of hemostat
  • Kelly green, color shade
  • Kelly Services, employment agency
  • Kelly West, Zelena's cursed counterpart on Once Upon a Time