Keeper may refer to:


  • Keeper (surname)
  • Gamekeeper
  • Gatekeeper
  • Lighthouse keeper
  • Museum curator
  • Prison warden
  • Legal guardian
  • Zookeeper
  • Archivist


  • Goalkeeper, a player who protects a goal
  • Quarterback keeper, a slang term for a play in American football
  • Wicket-keeper, a position in cricket


  • Keeper: Living with Nancy, a 2009 biographical book by Andrea Gillies
  • Keeper (Peet novel), a 2003 sports novel by Mal Peet
  • Keeper (Appelt novel), a 2010 novel by Kathi Appelt

    Video games

  • In Homeworld 2, Keepers are deadly destroyers built by the ancient Progenitors
  • In Thief (series) games, a Keeper is a member of a secret society who are charged with "keeping the balance" of power even within The City
  • The Keepers (Mass Effect), a fictional artificial species from the BioWare game Mass Effect
  • Keepers, an artificial life-forms that protect the Earth in the Nintendo game Sin & Punishment: Star Successor


  • Keeper (film), a 2015 film
  • Keeper (chemistry) a small quantity of solvent added in an evaporative procedure to prevent analyte loss
  • The Keepers, English title of Head Against the Wall, a 1959 French drama film directed by Georges Franju
  • Keeper (password manager)
  • Keeper Hill, an Irish mountain
  • In the game of Quidditch from Harry Potter, a position that defends the goal hoops
  • Keeper (Transformers), a comics character
  • Keeper, see Drakh, a parasitic creature in the universe of Babylon 5
  • Magnet keeper
  • Menstrual cup
  • Strike plate of a door latch
  • Keeper, a space wizard from the TV show Dino Charge
  • Keeper, a slang term for a romantic partner of either sex who has shown the attributes of someone worth hanging on to in a relationship