Károly is a very common Hungarian male given name. It is also sometimes found as a Hungarian surname. The origin of this name is the Turkic Karul, which means hawk. Nowadays Károly is considered the equivalent of English Karl or Charles (because the Latin Carolus is very close to Károly).

Given names

  • Károly Simonyi (1916-2001) physicist, father of Charles Simonyi
  • Károly Szabó (1916-1964) assistant of Raoul Wallenberg
  • Károly Takács (1910-1976) Olympic sport shooter


    This name has alternate spellings: Karoly, Károly, or Károlyi.
  • David Karoly (b. 1955) Australian atmospheric scientist
  • Jenő Károly (1886-1926) Hungarian footballer
  • Alexander Károlyi (1668–1743) Hungarian Count, landowner, diplomat