Johnny McGuire

Johnny "Jack" McGuire (March 3, 1893 in Dunblane, Scotland – November 18, 1962 in Brooklyn, New York) was a Scottish-U.S. soccer inside right who played professionally in both Scotland, Canada and the United States. He also earned one cap with the U.S. national team. He is a member of the National Soccer Hall of Fame.


McGuire spent time with Scottish clubs Dundee F.C. and St Johnstone F.C. before moving to Canada in 1919 to play two season with Toronto Ulster United. In 1921, he moved to the U.S. club Robins Dry Dock of the National Association Football League (NAFBL). That year, Robins won the U.S. 1921 National Challenge Cup 4-2 over J&P Coats with McGuire scoring two of Robins four goals. In 1921, the American Soccer League replaced the NAFBL and Robins entered the new league as Todd Shipyards. Robins Dry Dock was part of the larger Todd Shipyard. Todd Shipyards lasted only one season before folding and McGuire moved to Paterson F.C.. However, before folding, Todd went to the 1922 National Challenge Cup final where it fell, 3-2 to St. Louis Scullin Steel. McGuire again scored two goals. McGuire once again spent only one year with his new club, Paterson. However, in 1923, he went to his third consecutive Challenge Cup, winning it again this year. McGuire then moved to the New Bedford Whalers for the 1924-1925 season before closing out his career with Brooklyn Wanderers in 1925-1926.

National team

McGuire earned one cap with the U.S. national team in a 6-1 win over Canada on November 8, 1925.

He was inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame in 1951.