Johnny McEvoy

Johnny McEvoy (born 24 April 1945) is an Irish singer and entertainer of Country and Irish genre born in Banagher, County Offaly, Ireland.


He was initially part of a duo called "Ramblers Two", the other member being fellow art student Michael Crotty. After a stint touring Ireland and England in the mid-sixties, the two went their separate ways. Johnny McEvoy's first big break came in late 1966 when he recorded "Mursheen Durkin," an old ballad from the west of Ireland. It topped the charts at number one for three consecutive weeks. It was followed by "The Boston Burglar" which also reached number one in the charts. His first tour to the U.S. was in 1967, highlighted by a concert at New York City's Carnegie Hall. It was at this stage he had his third number one Hit with the song "Nora" (a version of When You and I Were Young, Maggie)," from Seán O'Casey's famous play The Plough and the Stars.

He later formed a band in the 1970s. He wrote his first song "Long Before Your Time." It too reached number one. He went on to write many more songs, many of which have become standards that have been recorded by other artists including "Long Before Your Time," "Michael," "Going To California," "The Ballad of John Williams," "Richman's Garden," "Never Learned To Dance," and "The Ballad of Anne Frank."

In 2010 a documentary on the life and times of Johnny McEvoy, "For the Poor and for the Gentry," was televised. For the production of the documentary McEvoy re-recorded his first number one hit, most popular and biggest selling song, "Mursheen Durkin," a collaboration recording with Sharon Shannon and her Big Band. The renewal of the classic was also included on a double album and DVD "For the poor and for the Gentry - The Definitive Johnny McEvoy," which was released later that year.

McEvoy's wife died early in 2015.}

Live performances

Aside from an illustrious recording career, Johnny McEvoy is perhaps best known for his live performances and tours in Ireland and on the international circuit. His renown is worldwide and he has spent many years travelling and performing.



  • Mursheen Durkin (1966 No. 1 as "The Rambler")
  • Love Minus Zero (1966 as "The Rambler")
  • The Boston Burglar/ I Still Miss Someone (1967 No. 1)
  • Funny Man/ Was It You (1967 No. 10)
  • Black Velvet Band (1967)
  • Come to the Bower (1967)
  • About This Time (E.P. 1967)
  • Nora/ Tarry Flynn (1968 No. 1)
  • Hedgehog Song/ Time And Tide Again (1968)
  • Mary of the Curling Hair (1969)
  • But That's Alright (1970)
  • The West's Asleep (1970)
  • Three Score and Ten/ You Win Again (1971 No. 6)
  • Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore (1971)
  • Gentle Annie (1972 No. 8)
  • Just The Way I Am (1972 as "Gloria and the Johnny McEvoy Band")
  • Spancil Hill (1972)
  • All I Have to Offer You is Me (1972 No. 13)
  • Tomorrow is Forever (duet with Gloria Smith) (1973)
  • When I Sing For Him (1973 as "Gloria and the Johnny McEvoy Band")
  • Bedtime Story (1974 as "Gloria and the Johnny McEvoy Band")
  • Rose of Moray (1974 No. 6)
  • Super Single E.P. (1974)
  • Where My Eileen Is Waiting (1975 No. 2)
  • Rose of Allendale (1975 No. 6)
  • Long Before Your Time (1976 No. 1)
  • The Old Man and the Donkey (1976)
  • Nora (Re-recording) (1977 No. 7)
  • Bound for Botany Bay/ All in All (1978 No. 16)
  • Just One More Night (1978)
  • Anne Devlin (1979)
  • The Old Rocking Chair/ Lovel Lady (1980)
  • A Rich Man's Garden (1984)
  • Since Maggie Went Away/ The Losing Game (1985)
  • Your Seldom Come to See Me Anymore (1987)
  • Staten Island/ Big Mansion House on the Hill (1988)
  • Michael/ Pat Murphy's Meadow (1989)
  • Runaround Angel (1990)
  • Long Way from the Sun/ Wheels go Round (1991)


  • For The Poor and the Gentry (1967)
  • With An Eye To Your Eye (1968)
  • All Our Wars Were Merry, All our Songs Are Sad (1970)
  • Best of Johnny McEvoy (1975)
  • Sounds Like McEvoy (1975)
  • Where My Eileen Is Waiting (1975)
  • Long Before Your Time (1976)
  • Leaves in the Wind (1977)
  • I'll Spend A Time With You (1978)
  • Twenty Greatest Hits (1979)
  • Johnny McEvoy Goes Country (1980)

    The entertainer has released numerous albums in more recent years, the most successful being Going To California, The Legendary Collection, and 20 Collected Irish Ballads.