Jimmy may refer to:

Arts and entertainment

Film and television

  • Jimmy (2008 film), 2008 Hindi thriller directed by Raj N. Sippy
  • Jimmy (1979 film), 1979 Indian Malayalam film directed by Melattoor Ravi Varma
  • Jimmy (2013 film), 2013 drama directed by Mark Freiburger
  • "The Jimmy", 1995 episode of the sitcom Seinfeld


  • Jimmy (musical), 1969 musical


  • "Jimmy" (song), song by M.I.A. from the 2007 album Kala
  • "Jimmy", song by Irving Berlin, see also List of songs written by Irving Berlin
  • "Jimmy", song by Tones and I from her EP The Kids Are Coming
  • "Jimmy", song by Tool from their 1996 album Ænima


  • Jimmy (given name)


  • Doctor Jimmy, main character from the rock opera Quadrophenia by the Who
  • GMC Jimmy, several cars that share the name
  • Hagström Jimmy, a guitar
  • Jimmies, a decorative confection
  • Jimmy (TV channel), a satellite digital television channel in France
  • Jimmy bar, a metal bar with a curved end
  • Jimmy hat, a slang term for a condom
  • Jimmy, a groundhog of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
  • Jimmy, a nickname for the figure of Mercury on the insignia of some Signals Corps in the British army