Jadis (band)

Jadis is a British neo-progressive rock group. They play guitar-driven rock with the use of synthesizers to add depth and atmosphere, and an emphasis on melody. They are currently signed to InsideOut Music.

The name Jadis is taken from the novel The Magician's Nephew by C. S. Lewis. The same character appears as the white witch in "The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe"


Jadis was formed in 1986 and in 1989 released their first album Jadis, which was produced by Marillion's Steve Rothery. In 1992, More Than Meets the Eye was released and was received well in the progressive rock scene.

Jadis is led by Gary Chandler (vocals, electric guitar), although generally the whole group is given songwriting credit. Other original members of the band were Trevor Dawkins (bass), Pete Salmon (keyboards) and Paul Alwin (drums), who was replaced by Mark Law in July 1988. Later members were Martin Orford (keyboards), John Jowitt (bass) and Steve Christey (drums). Orford and Jowitt were also members of IQ during that time.

In the late 1990s, Orford and Jowitt left the band for a while and were replaced by Mike Torr (keyboards) and Steve Hunt (bass), but they returned for 2000's Understand. After completing their album Photoplay in 2006, Orford left the band for a second time because he retired from the music industry. He was replaced with Italian session pianist/keyboardist Giulio Risi. The same year, Jowitt also left the band again, and was replaced with session player Andy Marlow. The band released the album See Right Through You in 2012. Their latest album No Fear of Looking Down was released in 2016.

The band is based in Southampton.


Studio Albums

  • Jadis (LP, 1989)
  • More Than Meets the Eye (1992)
  • Across the Water (1994)
  • Somersault (1997)
  • Understand (2000)
  • Fanatic (2003)
  • More Than Meets the Eye (Special Edition) (2005)
  • Photoplay (2006)
  • See Right Through You (2012)
  • No Fear of Looking Down (2016)
  • More Than Meets the Eye (25th Anniversary Edition) (2017)


  • Once Upon a Time (1993)
  • No Sacrifice (1994)
  • Once or Twice (1996)
  • Racing Sideways (Promotional CD to support the "Understand" Album) (2000)
  • The Great Outside (Promotional CD to support the "Fanatic" Album) (2003)

    Live and compilation albums

  • As Daylight Fades (1998) (live)
  • Medium Rare (2001) (compilation of two earlier EPs, Once Upon a Time and Once or Twice, plus some additional tracks)
  • Alive Outside (2001) (live)
  • Medium Rare II (2019)


  • View From Above (2003)