Jaded can mean to be cynical.

Jaded may also refer to:
  • Jaded (album), a 2003 album by To/Die/For
  • Jaded (film), a 1998 film starring Carla Gugino
  • Jaded, a 2002 skateboard film from Thrasher Magazine
  • The Jaded, a rock band from San Francisco, CA

    Jaded as a song title may refer to:
  • "Jaded" (Aerosmith song)
  • "Jaded" (Disclosure song)
  • "Jaded" (Green Day song)
  • "Jaded", a song by Blindspott, from Blindspott
  • "Jaded", a song by deadmau5, B-side of "Faxing Berlin"
  • "Jaded", a song by Drake, from Scorpion
  • "Jaded", a song by Operation Ivy from Energy
  • "Jaded", a song by Takida from ...Make You Breathe
  • "Jaded", a song by The Crystal Method from Vegas
  • "Jaded", a song by Paradise Lost from Draconian Times
  • "Jaded (These Years)", a song by Mest from Mest

  • "Jaded (aid)", a Card game Mest