Jacqueline Boyer

Jacqueline Boyer (born Eliane Ducos, 23 April 1941) is a French singer and actress. She is also the daughter of performers Jacques Pills and Lucienne Boyer.

In 1960, she won the Eurovision Song Contest for France singing "Tom Pillibi", with music composed by André Popp and lyrics by Pierre Cour. The resulting single reached #33 in the UK Singles Chart in May 1960. At 18 years and 341 days of age at the time of her victory, Boyer was the first teenager to win the contest and the youngest until 1964. She is currently the oldest living Eurovision winner.


  • Das Rätsel der grünen Spinne
  • Soldatensender Calais
  • Schlager-Raketen
  • Gauner-Serenade
  • Der Nächste Urlaub kommt bestimmt
  • Auf den Flügeln bunter Träume
  • Flotte Formen - Kesse Kurven
  • So schön wie heut', so müßt' es bleiben