Jack Grassel

Jack Grassel (born September 3, 1948) is an American jazz guitarist, teacher, and author from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


With a family to support, Grassel turned to teaching music and playing jazz locally. He worked with Rosemary Clooney, Slide Hampton, Stanley Jordan, and Ed Thigpen, and Nancy Wilson. He created the Occupational Music degree program at Milwaukee Area Technical College and wrote the books Big Ax and Super Ax. He formed Frozen Sky Records. As a result of the first two records of his compositions "Magic Cereal" and "If You're Too Crazy", he was featured in the New Talent section of Guitar Player magazine and became a contributing writer.

He later invented an instrument he named the "SuperAx" which contained both guitar and bass guitar strings. His friend, guitarist Kirk Tatnall, built one, too, and they recorded the album Live at the Uptowner with their hybrid instruments.The Hofner guitar company hired Grassel to record a promotional album, Guitar Smoke.

In 2000, readers of Guitar One magazine voted Grassel "one of the 10 best guitarists in America." He married vocalist Jill Jensen, and they recorded two albums: It's About the Music.


  • Solo Burner (Frozensky, 1993)
  • Christmas Presence (Frozensky, 1998)
  • Guitar Smoke (Frozensky, 2001)
  • Live at the Uptowner (Frozensky, 2002)
  • Thunder Stones (Frozensky, 2002)
  • Matrix (Frozensky, 2003)
  • Two Guys with Guitars with Tal Farlow (Frozensky, 2004)
  • Ghost Ridge (Frozensky, 2006)
  • 10 (Frozensky, 2006)
  • Magic Cereal (Frozensky, 2007)


  • 1974 Guitar Seeds
  • 1976 Monster Chops
  • 1992 Power Practicing
  • 1994 Big Ax
  • 1996 Super Ax
  • 1998 Jazz Guitar Favorites
  • 1998 Jazz Guitar Classics
  • 1998 Jazz Guitar Standards
  • 2004 Brain Training
  • 2004 131 Axercises
  • 2008 70 Jazz Compositions
  • 2008 Top 20 Jazz Guitar Lessons (DVD)
  • 2020 The Reharmonized Real Book