Invincible may refer to:

Arts and entertainment

Film and television

  • Invincible (2001 drama film), a drama by Werner Herzog about Jewish cabaret during the rise of Nazism
  • Invincible (2001 TV film), a fantasy / martial arts TV movie starring Billy Zane
  • Invincible (2006 film), a sports film starring Mark Wahlberg
  • Invincible, an upcoming American film featuring May Myat Noe
  • Invincible (TV series), an upcoming American animated web series
  • "Invincible" (Eureka), an episode of Eureka
  • "Invincible" (The Flash), an episode of The Flash


  • Invincible (comics), an Image Comics superhero and series, and an animated adaptation on MTV2
  • Invincible (Star Wars novel), a novel in the Legacy of the Force series
  • The Invincible, a novel by Stanisław Lem
  • Invincible: The Games of Shusaku, a book by John Power about Go master Honinbo Shusaku



  • Invincible (Five album), 1999
  • Invincible (Lemar album), 2012
  • Invincible (Michael Jackson album), or the title song, 2001
  • Invincible (Skillet album), or the title song, 2000
  • Invincible (Two Steps from Hell album), or the title song, 2010
  • Invincible album by Chris Jasper


  • "Invincible" (Adelitas Way song)
  • "Invincible" (Chantal Kreviazuk song)
  • "Invincible" (Carola Häggkvist song)
  • "Invincible" (Kelly Clarkson song)
  • "Invincible" (Hedley song)
  • "Invincible" (Lemar song)
  • "Invincible" (MGK song)
  • "Invincible" (Muse song)
  • "Invincible" (OK Go song)
  • "Invincible" (Tinie Tempah song)
  • "Invincible" (Pat Benatar song)
  • "Invincible", from Quintessence by Borknagar
  • "Invincible", from Falling Away by Crossfade
  • "Invincible", from Right Where You Want Me by Jesse McCartney
  • "Invincible", by Sam Gray
  • "Invincible", from Shark Bites and Dog Fights by Skindred
  • "Invincible", from Shadow Zone by Static-X
  • "Invincible", from Fear Inoculum by Tool
  • "Invincible", from Battleground by The Wanted
  • "Invincible", from the album Bratz: Genie Magic
  • "Invincible", from The Nexus by Amaranthe
  • "Invincible", by Borgeous


  • Invincible (rapper), American rapper Illana Weaver


  • French ship Invincible, various French Navy ships
  • HMS Invincible, six British Royal Navy ships
  • USS Invincible, two US Navy ships
  • Texan schooner Invincible, part of the Revolutionary Texas Navy (1836-1837)
  • Invincible (schooner), used as a transport by the US Army from 1849 to 1851
  • Invincible-class aircraft carrier, a 1980s British Royal Navy class
  • CVA-01, 1960s cancelled British Royal Navy proposal
  • Invincible-class battlecruiser, a British Royal Navy class in service from 1908 to 1921

    Other uses

  • Invincible Media Group, a media company founded by Jordan Kensington
  • Invincible, a steam locomotive operating on the Isle of Wight