Intervention may refer to:

Social sciences and health

  • Psychological intervention, any action by psychological professionals designed to bring about change in a client
  • Cognitive interventions, a set of techniques and therapies practiced in counseling
  • Intervention (counseling), an attempt to compel a subject to "get help" for an addiction or other problem
  • Intervention theory, a term used in social studies and social policy to refer to the decision making problems of intervening effectively in a situation in order to secure desired outcomes
  • Human Systems Intervention, the design and implementation of interventions in social settings where adults are confronted with the need to change their perspectives, attitudes, and actions
  • Public health intervention, an effort to promote good health behaviour or to prevent bad health behaviour
  • Intervention (consulting), term used in the field of Organizational development
  • Any action intended to change the medical or behavioral outcome for a patient, possibly referring to surgery, medical procedure, medication, medical test, medical advice, providing pamphlets, counseling, confrontation, deprogramming, etc.
  • Intervention (journal), a journal published by Medknow Publications

    International relations

  • Interventionism (politics), a term for a policy of non-defensive activity undertaken by a geo-political jurisdiction to alter the internal dynamics of a certain society
  • Intervention (international law), a term for the use of force by one country or sovereign state in the internal or external affairs of another sovereign state(s)
  • Humanitarian intervention, an attempt to reduce suffering of a specific state that is facing a domestic armed conflict
  • Entente intervention in the Russian Civil War, took place 1918–1925
  • Military offensive or invasion of a sovereign state
  • Economic interventionism, when a central bank buys or sells foreign currencies in an attempt to adjust their exchange rates


    Film and television

  • Intervention (1968 film), Russian film
  • Intervention (2007 film), British film
  • The Intervention (film), American film, 2016
  • Intervention (TV series), American documentary series
  • Intervention Canada, a spinoff of the American series
  • "Intervention" (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • "Intervention" (How I Met Your Mother)
  • "Intervention" (Stargate Universe)


  • Intervention (album), 2007 album by Finest Hour
  • The Intervention (EP), a 2009 album by The Color Fred
  • "Intervention" (song), a 2006 song by Arcade Fire
  • "Intervention", a song by Dope from the album Felons and Revolutionaries
  • "Intervention", a 2003 song by Madonna from American Life
  • "Intervention", a 2012 song by Nine Lashes from the album World We View
  • "Intervention", a 2011 song by Silverstein from the album Rescue
  • "Intervention", a song by Soulfly from the album Enslaved

    Other entertainment

  • "Intervention" (convention), an annual Internet Culture convention held in Rockville, Maryland
  • Intervention (musical), 2007 musical by Matt Corriel and Jill Jaysen
  • An Intervention, a 2014 play by Mike Bartlett
  • Intervention, a 1987 science fiction novel in the Galactic Milieu Series by Julian May
  • Intervention, a 2009 medical thriller novel in the Jack Stapleton and Laurie Montgomery series by Robin Cook


  • Intervention (law), a legal procedure for a nonparty to enter an ongoing lawsuit
  • Art intervention, an interaction with a previously existing artwork, audience, or venue
  • CheyTac Intervention, a bolt-action anti-materiel rifle
  • Northern Territory National Emergency Response, a.k.a. "the intervention", changes to welfare by the Australian government in 2007
  • Interventions, imprint of Ohio State University Press