Interlude may refer to:
  • a short play (theatre) or, in general any representation between parts of a larger stage production
  • Entr'acte, a piece of music performed between acts of a theatrical production, or a short play-within-a-play within a larger theatrical work
  • a section in a movement of a musical piece, see: Bridge (music) or Break (music)
  • a piece of music composed of one or more movements, to be inserted between sections of another composition: see also intermezzo, and for the Baroque era, sinfonia



  • Interlude (Billy Taylor album), 1961
  • Interlude (Toshiko Akiyoshi album), 1987
  • Interlude (Kool Moe Dee album), 1994
  • Interlude (EP), a 1999 EP by Iron Savior
  • Interlude (Saint Etienne album), 2001
  • Interlude (David Lyttle album), 2012
  • Interlude (Delain album), 2013
  • Interlude (Jamie Cullum album), 2014


  • "Interlude" (aka "A Night in Tunisia"), a 1942 composition by Dizzy Gillespie
  • "Interlude" (1957 song), a Skinner/Webster song recorded by the McGuire Sisters in 1957
  • "Interlude" (Morrissey and Siouxsie song), 1994 (originally 1968)
  • a song by Timi Yuro, 1994
  • a hidden track by Blur on the album Blur, 1997
  • a song by Leftöver Crack on the album Mediocre Generica, 2001
  • a song by Outkast on the album Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, 2003
  • a brief instrumental introduction to Muse's song "Hysteria" on the album Absolution, 2003
  • a song by My Chemical Romance on the album Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, 2004
  • "An Interlude", a song by Atreyu on the album The Curse, 2004
  • a song by Laleh on the album Laleh, 2005
  • a song by All Time Low on the album The Party Scene, 2005
  • a song by +44 on the album When Your Heart Stops Beating, 2006
  • "You Wish (Interlude)", an instrumental song by Breathe Carolina on the album It's Classy, Not Classic, 2008
  • a song by I Set My Friends on Fire on the album You Can't Spell Slaughter Without Laughter, 2008
  • a song by Attack Attack! on the album Someday Came Suddenly, 2008
  • a song by The Decemberists on the album The Hazards of Love, 2009
  • a song by Lil Wayne on the album Tha Carter IV, 2011
  • a song by G-Eazy on the album These Things Happen, 2014
  • a song by Eden on the album End Credits, 2015
  • an instrumental by Alan Walker on the album Different World, 2018
  • a song by Julie Ruin on the album Julie Ruin, 1998
  • a song by Flobots on the album The Circle in the Square, 2012


  • Interlude (1957 film) directed by Douglas Sirk and starring June Allyson and Rossano Brazzi
  • Interlude (1968 film), a British movie

    Other uses

  • Morality play, a modern critical term describing medieval and early Tudor theatrical entertainments that were known as "Interludes"
  • Interlude (visual novel), a 2003 Dreamcast video game as well as an anime OVA produced by Toei Animation
  • Interlude, an interactive media production company, now known as Eko