Ilocos Norte-class patrol boat

The Ilocos Norte-class patrol boat is a series of four vessels in active service of the Philippine Coast Guard.

Design and construction

The Ilocos Norte class is a 35 m, all-aluminium patrol boat designed by Tenix Shipbuilding in Australia, based on the company's Pacific-class patrol boat. Four vessels were delivered to the Philippine Coast Guard in December 2001. An option for a follow on order of ten more ships was offered by Tenix, but not used by the Philippine Coast Guard.

Tenix reused the Ilocos Norte design in 2008 for the New South Wales Police Force patrol vessel Nemesis; the largest police-operated patrol boat in the Southern Hermisphere.

Operational history

On December 24, 2009, BRP Nueva Vizcaya (SARV 3502), along with BRP Pampanga (SARV 003)and MT Tug Habaga (TB-271), was deployed to Cavite to conduct search and rescue operations when MV 'Catalyn B, a wooden hull motorized vessel collided with the fishing vessel FV Anatalia and sank northwest of Limbones Island at 2:25 a.m. Thursday.

On April 8, 2013, BRP Romblon (SARV 3503) was deployed when a Chinese fishing vessel ran aground in Tubbataha Reef. Romblon assisted with removing the ship's cargo and fuel.

Ships in class


File:BPR Nueva Vizcaya 2.jpg|(SARV-3502) BRP Nueva Vizcaya File:BRP 3503 - Romblon.jpg|(SARV-3503) BRP Romblon File:BRP 3504 - Davao Del Norte.jpg|(SARV-3504) BRP Davao Del Norte