Ibo or IBO may refer to:


  • Ibo, Mozambique, one of the Quirimbas Islands
  • Ibo District, Hyōgo, a district of Hyōgo Prefecture in Japan
  • Ibo River, a stream in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan
  • Igboland, the traditional lands of the Igbo people in the south-eastern region and surrounding states in Nigeria
  • Aboh, a Nigerian city in Igboland also formerly known as "Ibo"


  • International Baccalaureate Organization, the former name of the International Baccalaureate
  • International Biology Olympiad, an annual competition
  • International Boxing Organization
  • International Radio and Television Organisation (International Broadcasting Organization)
  • Intellectual Property Business Organization
  • Independent Business Owner

    Other uses

  • Igbo people, an ethnic group of Nigeria
  • Igbo language, a language of Nigeria
  • İbrahim Tatlıses, a Kurdish pop-folk singer also known as "Ibo"
  • Ibo Bonilla, a Costa Rican sculptor and architect