I Found Love

"'I Found Love" is a song recorded by English girl group Bananarama. The instrumental track was composed by Japanese dance producer Tetsuya Komuro and group members Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward wrote lyrics and recorded their vocals over it. The result was not a track which Bananarama liked, so they asked their producer Gary Miller to remix it. Miller's mix was issued as the A-side of the "I Found Love" single, as the "ROZI Mix".

"I Found Love" was issued as a double-A-side in Japan with "Every Shade of Blue". When the I Found Love album was released in the United States, it was re-titled Ultra Violet and "I Found Love" appeared as a bonus track only.

Music video

The music video features the pair performing the song in massive crinoline skirts in front of a mansion. These scenes are intercut with shots of the duo being driven through London.


; Japanese 3-inch CD single #"I Found Love" (ROZI-Mix) #:Remixed by MAXImizor (aka Gary Miller) #"Every Shade of Blue" #"I Found Love" (Original Mix)

; Other versions #"I Found Love" (Album Version) #"I Found Love" (Video Mix) #"I Found Love" (Remininsence Mix)