I Do

I Do may refer to:

  • "I do", a phrase used in some marriage vows; used by brides and grooms in response to questions posed by either the officiant or the other marriage partner

    Film and TV


  • I Do (1921 film), a silent comedic short film starring Harold Lloyd
  • I Do (2000 film), a Hong Kong film starring Ella Koon
  • I Do (2006 film) (PrĂȘte-moi ta main), a French romantic comedy
  • I Do (2009 film), a film featuring Michael Tupy
  • I Do (2010 film), a Philippine film starring Enchong Dee & Erich Gonzales
  • I Do (2012 American film), an American film directed by Glenn Gaylord
  • I Do (2012 Chinese film), a Chinese film directed by Zhou Sun
  • I Do (But I Don't), a 2004 TV romantic comedy


  • "I Do, I Do", an episode of The New Adventures of Wonder Woman
  • "I Do" (Lost), an episode of Lost
  • "I Do", an episode of ER
  • "I Do", an episode of Rugrats
  • "I Do" (Glee), an episode of Glee
  • I Do?, a Taiwanese drama series on TVBS Joy Channel
  • "I Do (Philippine reality show)", a Philippine Reality Television show on ABS-CBN



  • "I Do" (Arvingarna song)
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  • "I Do (Cherish You)", a song by Mark Wills, also covered by 98 Degrees
  • "I Do (Wanna Get Close to You)", a song by 3LW
  • "I Do!!", a song by Toya
  • "I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do", a song by the Swedish band ABBA
  • "I Do", a song by Anastacia from Anastacia
  • "I Do", a song by Chingy from Powerballin'
  • "I Do", a song by Edie Brickell & New Bohemians from Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars
  • "I Do", a song by Ivy Queen from Drama Queen
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  • "I Do", a song by Placebo from Once More With Feeling
  • "I Do", a song by Uncle Kracker from No Stranger to Shame
  • "I Do", a song by Weezer, a B-side of the single "Hash Pipe"
  • "I Do", a song by Westlife from Back Home
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