ID, Id, id or I.D. may refer to:
  • Identity document, any document used to verify a person's identity
  • Identifier, a symbol which uniquely identifies an object or record


  • I. D. Ffraid (1814–1875), Welsh poet and Calvinistic Methodist minister
  • I. D. McMaster (1920s–2004), American assistant district attorney
  • I. D. Serebryakov (1917–1998), Russian lexicographer and translator


  • İd or Narman, a town in Turkey
  • Idaho, US (postal abbreviation ID)
  • Indonesia, ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code "ID"

    Arts, entertainment, and media


  • The Id (band), an English new wave/synthpop band


  • I.D. (album), a 1989 album by The Wailers Band
  • ID (Michael Patrick Kelly album), a 2017 studio album by Michael Patrick Kelly
  • Id (Siddharta album), 1999
  • [[id (Veil of Maya album)|[id] (Veil of Maya album)]], 2010
  • ID, an album by Anna Maria Jopek
  • The Id (album), a 2001 studio album by Macy Gray


  • ID (song), a 2015 single by Kygo
  • I.D., a 2004 song by Kasabian from their self-titled album


  • I.D. (magazine), an American magazine focusing on Architecture, Graphic and Industrial Design
  • i-D, a British fashion magazine
  • Ideas and Discoveries (i.D.), a magazine covering science, with heavy interest in social science


  • "I.D." (Law & Order), an episode of Law & Order
  • Investigation Discovery, an American cable television channel


  • I.D. (1995 film), a British film about football hooliganism
  • I.D. (2012 film), an Indian Hindi drama
  • The Id (film), a 2016 American thriller/horror film

    Other uses in arts, entertainment, and media

  • I.D. (play), 2003 British play by Anthony Sher
  • Id (comics), a manhwa by Kim Daewoo, art by A. T. Kenny'
  • Id, a fictional kingdom in The Wizard of Id, an American comic strip
  • iD (video game), a 1986 computer game

    Brands and enterprises

  • ID (public relations), a public relations firm
  • ID Labs, an American music production and engineering team
  • iD Mobile, a telephone network owned by Carphone Warehouse
  • Interlink Airlines (IATA airline code ID), an airline based in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Citroën ID, a variant of the Citroën DS car
  • Volkswagen I.D. series, a series of concept cars that have been promoted into production
  • Volkswagen I.D., the first concept car in the series
  • id Software, an American video game developer


  • International dollar, common name for the Geary–Khamis dollar, a hypothetical unit of currency
  • Invoice discounting, a form of short-term borrowing for businesses


  • Inclusive Democracy, a project that aims for direct, economic, social, and ecological democracy
  • Independent Democrats, a political party in South Africa
  • Identity and Democracy, a political group in the European Parliament

    Science, technology, and mathematics

    Biology and medicine

  • Ide (fish), also spelled Id
  • Infectious disease
  • Infectious dose
  • Intellectual disability, a generalized neurodevelopmental disorder


  • Id (programming language), a parallel functional programming language
  • iD (software), an editor for OpenStreetMap geodata
  • id (Unix), a command to retrieve group and user identification
  • .id, the Internet Top Level Domain code for Indonesia
  • id, the generic object datatype in the Objective-C programming language
  • Instruction decoder, a decoder in CPUs
  • Internet Draft, a working document of the IETF

    Design and engineering

  • Industrial design, a process of designing products for mass production
  • Information design, the practice of presenting information in a way that fosters understanding
  • Inside diameter, also 'inner diameter' or 'I.D.'; a dimension commonly used to specify the size of tubing or pipe
  • Interaction design, the practice of designing interactive digital products, environments, systems, and services
  • Interior design, the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building
  • Instructional design, the study of creating better instructional experiences


  • Identity function, a function that always returns the same value that was used as its argument
  • Influence diagram, a graphical and mathematical representation of a decision situation


  • Id (psychology), one of the tri-part psychic apparatus defined in Sigmund Freud's structural model of the psyche
  • Id, one of the parts of the psychic apparatus, in socionics

    Other uses

  • ID (classification), a Paralympic rowing classification
  • Id., Latin, short for idem (translation: "the same"), used in legal citations to refer to the previous citation
  • Indonesian language (ISO 639-1 code "id"), a standardized register of Malay
  • Id (cuneiform), a common-use sign in cuneiform texts
  • Intelligent design, a pseudoscientific argument for the existence of God