IAM may refer to:


  • Identity and Access Management, a concept that combines business processes, policies and technologies
  • Indo-Aryan migration, the theory that speakers of Indo-Aryan languages migrated into the Indian subcontinent during the 2nd millennium BCE


  • Maroc Telecom (Arabic transliteration: Ittisalat Al Maghrib), the main telecommunication company in Morocco
  • International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, a North American labor union
  • Institute of Advanced Motorists, a charity based in the UK with the objective of improving car-driving and motorcycle-riding standards
  • Institute of Asset Management, a professional body for asset managers
  • International Assistance Mission, an NGO working in Afghanistan since 1966
  • RAF Institute of Aviation Medicine, a British Royal Air Force aviation medicine research unit between 1945 and 1994
  • International Academy of Macomb, an International Baccalaureate school based in Macomb County, Michigan, U.S.
  • Institute of Administrative Management, a UK awarding organisation and professional membership body for administrative and business managers
  • Islamic Association of Macau, an Islamic organization in Macau, China


  • IAM (band), a French hip hop group from Marseille that formed in 1989
  • I Am (American band), often styled I AM, an American rock band

    Other uses

  • Intellectual Asset Management, an intellectual-property magazine
  • Internal auditory meatus, a canal in the temporal bone of the skull that carries nerves from inside the cranium towards the middle and inner-ear compartments
  • IAM.BMEzine, a blogging website for members of BMEzine
  • Integrated assessment modelling, a type of scientific modelling
  • Iam, Caraș-Severin, a village in Berliște Commune, Caraş-Severin County, Romania
  • IAM Cycling, a UCI WorldTour cycling team
  • Iams, the brand-name for dog-food and cat-food manufactured by Procter & Gamble after acquiring the Iams Company in 1999


  • Master I. A. M. of Zwolle (c. 1440–1504), 15th-century Dutch printmaker