Hugh Taylor

Hugh Taylor may refer to:
  • Hugh Taylor (American football) (1923–1992), American NFL football player
  • Hugh Taylor (priest) (died 1585), English Catholic martyr
  • Hugh Taylor (rugby union) (1894–1956), Australian rugby union player
  • Hugh Taylor (Australian politician) (1823–1897), New South Wales politician
  • Hugh Taylor (MP) (1817–1900), British Member of Parliament for Tynemouth and North Shields
  • Hugh P. Taylor, Jr., American geochemist on the faculty of Caltech
  • Sir Hugh Stott Taylor (1890–1974), English chemist
  • Sir Hugh Taylor (civil servant) (born 1950), former Permanent Secretary at the Department of Health
  • Hugh S. Taylor, physician, professor and researcher
  • Hugh Taylor (archivist) (1920–2005)