Hon or HON may refer to:


  • Han (surname) (Chinese: 韩/韓), also romanized Hon
  • Louis Hon (1924–2008), French footballer
  • Priscilla Hon (born 1988), Australian tennis player

    Other uses

  • Hon (Baltimore), a cultural stereotype of working class women from Baltimore, Maryland, United States
  • Cafe Hon, a restaurant in Baltimore
  • Hon, Arkansas, a community in the United States
  • Hands on Network, an American network of volunteer centers
  • Health On the Net Foundation, a Swiss non-governmental organization
  • Heroes of Newerth, a video game
  • Høn Station, in Asker, Norway
  • The HON Company, an American business furniture manufacturer
  • Honduras at the Olympics
  • Honeywell, an American multinational corporation
  • Honorary (disambiguation)
  • The Honourable, an honorific styling
  • Huron Regional Airport, in South Dakota, United States
  • On (biblical figure) (or Hon), a minor biblical figure
  • Hon, a term of endearment, short for "honey"