Hollow may refer to:

Natural phenomena

  • Hollow, a low, wooded area, such as a copse
  • Hollow, a term meaning a small vee-shaped, riverine type of valley
  • Tree hollow, a void in a branch or trunk, which may provide habitat for animals


  • Sleepy Hollow, New York, a municipality formerly known as North Tarrytown

    Arts, entertainment, and media

    Fictional entities

  • Hollow (Marvel Comics), a mutant formerly known as Penance
  • Hollows, fictional beings in the manga and anime series Bleach, see List of Hollows in Bleach


  • Hollow (2011 American film), a 2011 American drama film
  • Hollow (2011 British film), a 2011 British horror film
  • Hollow (2014 film), a 2014 Vietnamese horror film


  • Hollows (series), a series of novels and stories by Kim Harrison
  • "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow", by Washington Irving


  • Hollow (band), a progressive power metal band from in UmeĆ„, Sweden


  • Hollow (Cesium 137 album), 2006
  • Hollow (Digital Summer EP), 2008
  • Hollow, a 2011 album by Cut Off Your Hands


  • "Hollow" (Pantera song), 1992
  • "Hollow", a 2004 song by Submersed from In Due Time
  • "Hollow" (Godsmack song), 2006
  • "Hollow", a 2009 song by Theatre of Tragedy from Forever Is the World
  • "Hollow", a 2010 song by Parkway Drive from Deep Blue
  • "Hollow" (Alice in Chains song), 2013
  • "Hollow", a 2015 song by Breaking Benjamin from Dark Before Dawn
  • "Hollow" (Tori Kelly song), 2015
  • "Hollow", a 2015 song by Mayday Parade from Black Lines

    Other uses

  • Hollow Earth theory, the idea that the planet Earth has a hollow interior and possibly an inhabitable inner surface