Hoda Lattaf

Hoda Lattaf (born August 31, 1978 in Bordeaux) is a French football player who plays in attack. She currently plays for Montpellier in the top French league and is one of the leading players for the France national team, and was seen as the preferred partner for Marinette Pichon until the latter decided to retire from international soccer.

Club career

Lattaf joined Olympique Lyonnais in the summer of 2006, after 6 seasons with Montpellier HSC, during which she won the title in 2004 and 2005. Lattaf was the second highest scorer in the 2005/2006 season after Marinette Pichon.

International career

Since making her debut on November 22, 1997, Lattaf has played 98 time for her country, scoring 26 goals (as of 26 May 2006), and appeared in the 2001 UEFA Championships, the 2003 World Cup and the 2005 UEFA Championships. The France team failed to qualify for the 2007 World Cup after Lattaf scored an own goal against England on September 30, 2006.