Herbst is the German word for autumn or fall.

Herbst may also refer to:


  • Christoph Maria Herbst (born 1966), German actor and comedian
  • Eduard Herbst (1820–1892), Austrian jurist and statesman
  • János Herbst (1956–2015), Hungarian politician
  • Jess Herbst (born 1958), American politician
  • Johan Herbst (born 1987), South African rugby union player
  • Johann Andreas Herbst (1588–1666), German composer
  • Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Herbst (1743–1807), German biologist
  • John Herbst (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Josephine Herbst (1892–1969), novelist
  • Rebecca Herbst (born 1977), American actress
  • Reinfried Herbst (born 1978), skier
  • Riley Herbst (born 1999), American NASCAR driver
  • Sabine Herbst (born 1974), German swimmer
  • Sharon Tyler Herbst and her husband Ron Herbst (1942–2007), food and wine authors
  • Duan Herbst (Born 1972),South African Entrepreneur and Business Owner

    Other uses

  • Herbst Gaming, gas station and casino operator using the name of "Terrible Herbst"
  • Herbst Theatre
  • Herbst maneuver, an aerobatic maneuver named after Wolfgang Herbst
  • Herbst, Indiana, a small town in the United States
  • Corpuscles of Herbst, avian mechanoreceptors

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