Hearts on Fire

Hearts on Fire may refer to:


  • Hearts on Fire (Baker Gurvitz Army album), or the title song, 1976
  • Hearts on Fire (Colin James album), or the title song, 2015
  • Hearts on Fire (Noel Pagan album), or the title song, 1993
  • Hearts on Fire (EP), or the title song (see below), by Chad Brownlee, 2016
  • Hearts on Fire, by Jetty Road, 2015
  • Hearts on Fire, by Patsy Watchorn, 2003


  • "Hearts on Fire" (Bryan Adams song), 1987
  • "Hearts on Fire" (Chad Brownlee song), 2015
  • "Hearts on Fire" (The Common Linnets song), 2015
  • "Hearts on Fire" (Cut Copy song), 2008
  • "Hearts on Fire" (Eddie Rabbitt song), 1978
  • "Hearts on Fire" (HammerFall song), 2002
  • "Hearts on Fire" (Steve Winwood song), 1988
  • "Heart's on Fire" (John Cafferty song), 1986
  • "Heart's on Fire" (Passenger song), 2014
  • "Hearts on Fire", by Genesis, B-side of the single "Jesus He Knows Me"
  • "Hearts on Fire", by Randy Meisner from One More Song
  • "Hearts on Fire", by Walter Egan


  • Hearts on Fire (company), an American diamond manufacturer and jewellery design company