Heart of stone

Heart of stone (or Heart of Stone) may refer to:


  • "Heart of Stone" (Rolling Stones song), 1964
  • "Heart of Stone" (Kenny song), 1973
  • "Heart of Stone", a song by Motörhead, from their 1982 album Iron Fist
  • "Heart of Stone" (Suzi Quatro song), 1982
  • "Heart of Stone", a song by Europe, from their 1986 album The Final Countdown
  • "Heart of Stone" (Bucks Fizz song), 1988, later covered by Cher
  • "Heart of Stone", a song from the 1988 Erasure album The Innocents
  • Heart of Stone (Cher album), 1989
  • "(Wish I Had a) Heart of Stone", a single by Baillie & the Boys, 1989
  • "Heart of Stone" (Taylor Dayne song), 1990
  • "Heart of Stone", a song by Fleetwood Mac from 25 Years – The Chain, 1992
  • "Heart of Stone", a single from the 1994 David A. Stewart album Greetings from the Gutter
  • "Heart of Stone", a song by Underoath that appears on their album, Act of Depression, 1999
  • "Heart of Stone", a song by Matt Costa, from his 2008 album Unfamiliar Faces
  • Heart of Stone (Chris Knight album), 2008
  • "Heart of Stone", a song by the Raveonettes, from their 2009 album In and Out of Control

    Film and television

  • "Heart of Stone" (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), episode of Star Trek: Deep Space 9
  • "Heart of Stone" (Once Upon a Time in Wonderland), 2013 episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
  • Heart of Stone (1950 film), a 1950 East German film
  • Heart of Stone (2009 film), a 2009 documentary film about Weequahic High School in New Jersey
  • "Heart of Stone", the thirty-fifth episode of the Nickelodeon show Mysticons


  • Heart of stone (medicine), calcification of the heart
  • Heart of Stone (German fairy tale), a German fairy tale