Heap or HEAP may refer to:

Computing and mathematics

  • Heap (data structure), a data structure commonly used to implement a priority queue
  • Heap (mathematics), a generalization of a group
  • Heap (programming) (or free store), an area of memory for dynamic memory allocation
  • Heapsort, a comparison-based sorting algorithm
  • Heap overflow, a type of buffer overflow that occurs in the heap data area
  • Sorites paradox, also known as the paradox of the heap

    Other uses

  • Heap (surname)
  • Heaps (surname)
  • Heap leaching, an industrial mining process
  • Heap (comics), a golden-age comic book character
  • Heap, Bury, a former district in England
  • High Explosive, Armor-Piercing, ammunition and ordnance
  • Holocaust Education and Avoidance Pod, an idea in Neal Stephenson's novel Cryptonomicon