Have You Ever

"Have You Ever" was a single released by UK pop group S Club 7 on 19 November 2001. Following the success of the 2000 Children in Need track, "Never Had a Dream Come True", the BBC asked S Club 7 to perform the 2001 track for the charity too. "Have You Ever" was co-written by Cathy Dennis, A. Frampton and Chris Braide. The track is the penultimate ballad S Club 7 released as a single with lead vocals coming from singer Jo. "Have You Ever" acted as an introduction to S Club 7's third album Sunshine. The single entered the UK Singles Chart at number one on 25 November 2001, and remained on the chart for 14 weeks (seven of which were in the top 10). The Children in Need version of "Have You Ever" is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as having the highest number of people's voices recorded in a single song; as recordings from children in schools across the UK were used in the chorus. The song has sold 380,000 copies in the UK according to the Official UK Charts Company. The photo for the cover of the single was shot in another major architectural landmark of the Los Angeles area - the Sheats Goldstein Residence near Beverly Hills.

Music video

The music video was set inside a large house (which is actually the famous Ennis House in Hollywood Hills), showing each member briefly as they indulge in everyday activities, while Jo is the main focus of the video. Jo revealed that to film the shot of her crying, they used droplets of water on her cheek, and sped the track up to film it, so when it was mastered it would give the illusion of a real tear. Another interesting note about the video is that it was the last video Paul shot for the group as "You", the following single, was intended to be the next release and thus had been recorded previously. The video was shot at the last minute, the day before the band returned to the UK after filming Hollywood 7 as the song was chosen for the Children in Need song.

Children in Need performance

During the performance on Children In Need on 16 November 2001, The group were joined by S Club Juniors which was their first television appearance.

Track listing

  • UK - Children in Need CD # "Have You Ever" # "Have You Ever" (BBC Children In Need version) # "Dangerous" # "Have You Ever" (CD-ROM Video)

  • EU - Standard CD # "Have You Ever" # "Never Had a Dream Come True" # "Dangerous" # "Have You Ever" (CD-ROM Video)

  • Cassette # "Have You Ever" # "Have You Ever" (BBC Children In Need version)


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