Hanshin 5550 series

The is a commuter electric multiple unit (EMU) train type operated by the private railway operator Hanshin Electric Railway in Japan since 2010.


The design was based on the earlier 5500 series trains, which were themselves developed from the 8000 series trains. The bogies are the same as those used on the 1000 series trains.


Together with the 5500 series trains, the 5550 series set is primarily used on Hanshin Main Line services.


, one four-car set is in service, formed as shown below, with three motored "M" cars and one non-powered trailer "T" car. The "Mc" car is at the Umeda end.Each motored car is fitted with one single-arm pantograph.


Passenger accommodation consists of longitudinal bench seating throughout, with sculpted seats finished in blue moquette.


The first train entered revenue service 29 December 2010.