Hanshill, also known as Rough House, Camp Suhling, and Camp Merry Minglers, is a historic summer home and camp located near Madison Heights, Amherst County, Virginia. The property was developed by the Suhling family. Rough House dates to about 1880 and is a log cabin with a gable roof. It was named Rough House as early as 1918, and a series of additions were added about 1935. Associated with Rough House are a contributing corn crib (c. 1940) and Y.W.C.A. Spring Box (c. 1918). Hanshill was built in 1925, and is a 1 1/2-story, frame dwelling on a concrete foundation in a Rustic Revival style. It features a full-length, one-story, four-bay porch. Associated with Hanshill are servant's quarters (c. 1927), a garage / bunkhouse (c. 1927), and an outdoor tennis court (c. 1915). From 1918 to 1922, the property hosted the first semi-permanent summer camp for white girls organized by the Young Women's Christian Association (Y.W.C.A.) of Lynchburg.

It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2011.