Hands of Time

Hands of Time is the third studio album by Kingdom Come.


In 1989, Kingdom Come released their second LP, 'In Your Face', with (initially) strong sales to rival their platinum selling debut, when the band abruptly broke up for personal reasons in August 1989.

Without the rest of the band, lead vocalist and primary songwriter Lenny Wolf chose to retain the band's name and record a third album, the band's final international release on Polygram. Co-writing with Hands of Time songwriter Carol Tatum (Angels of Venice), Wolf recorded the album with several session guitarists and drummers, including future Poison guitarist Blues Saraceno and former Dancer drummer Bam Bamm Shibley. As well as singing and co-writing all the songs, Wolf also played bass and produced the album.

Track listing

All songs by Lenny Wolf and Carol Tatum, except where noted # "I've Been Trying" (Wolf) – 4:52 # "Should I" – 5:39 # "You'll Never Know" – 3:26 # "Both of Us" – 3:12 # "Stay" – 3:09 # "Blood on the Land" – 4:13 # "Shot Down" – 3:09 # "You're not the Only... I Know" – 4:16 # "Do I Belong" – 3:32 # "Can't Deny" (Wolf, Marty Wolff) – 3:29 # "Hands of Time" – 3:27

Band members

  • Lenny Wolf – lead vocals, guitar, bass
  • Bert Meulendijk – guitar
  • Marco Moir – guitar
  • Blues Saraceno – guitar
  • Steve Burke – drums
  • Jimmy Bralower – drums
  • Koen van Baalkeyboards

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