Hammerhead may refer to:

  • The head of a hammer


  • Hammerhead (comics), a Marvel Comics foe of Spider-Man
  • Hammerhead (film), a 1968 film based on the novel by James Mayo
  • Hammerhead: Shark Frenzy a 2005 TV movie starring William Forsythe, Jeffery Combs and Hunter Tylo
  • Hammerhead (1987 film), a 1987 Italian action film directed by Enzo G. Castellari
  • Hammerhead (novel), a 1964 Charles Hood secret agent novel by James Mayo
  • Hammerhead Hannigan, the leader of Taurus Bulba's henchmen in the television cartoon series Darkwing Duck
  • Hammerhead, a Rulon character from the TV cartoon Dino-Riders
  • Hammerhead, the nickname for the Star Wars character Momaw Nadon
  • Hammerheads, a 1990 book by Dale Brown
  • The Hammerhead, an alien species living on Pandora in James Cameron's science-fiction film Avatar
  • James Bond 007: Hammerhead, a 2016 James Bond comic book by Dynamite Entertainment

    Games and rides

  • Hammerhead, a heavy helicopter gunship in the video game Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath
  • Hammer Heads, a 2006 computer game from Pop Cap Games
  • Hammerhead (attraction), a former ride at Knott's Berry Farm, now defunct
  • Hammerhead, a monster truck present in various titles of the Twisted Metal series of video games
  • Hammerhead, the most prominent gas station and repair shop in the game Final Fantasy XV


  • Hammerhead (band), noise rock band
  • "Hammerhead" (Jeff Beck song), 2010
  • Hammerhead (EP), a 2006 EP by Solace, or the title track
  • "Hammerhead" (The Offspring song), 2008
  • "Hammerhead" (Tin Machine song), from the 1991 album Tin Machine II
  • "Hammerhead" (James Reyne song), 1987
  • "Hammerhead", a song from the John Zorn album Naked City
  • "Hammerhead", an instrumental by Pat Travers from the album Heat in the Street
  • "Hammerhead", from the 1986 album Doomsday for the Deceiver, by Flotsam & Jetsam

    Science and technology

  • Hammerhead sharks (genus Sphyrna), of which there are nine known species
  • Hammerkop (Scopus umbretta), a bird of order Ciconiiformes, may also be known as a hammerhead
  • Hammerhead ribozyme, which can catalyze the sequence-specific cleavage of RNA phosphodiester bonds
  • Hammerhead crane, a type of crane
  • Hammerhead worm
  • Google Nexus 5, an Android handset with the code name Hammerhead


  • Jupiter Hammerheads, a minor league baseball team based in Jupiter, Florida
  • Wilmington Hammerheads FC, a minor league soccer team based in Wilmington, North Carolina
  • Corpus Christi Hammerheads, a professional arena football team
  • Hammerhead turn or stall turn, an aerobatic maneuver
  • Hammerhead (mascot), mascot of the British football club West Ham United

    United States Navy submarines

  • , a Gato-class submarine, commissioned in 1944
  • , a Sturgeon-class submarine, commissioned in 1968 and struck in 1995