Hamilton College, South Lanarkshire

Hamilton College is a co-educational Christian independent school located in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, Scotland. It provides education from Nursery age (3 years and up) through the full 7 years of primary education and 6 years of secondary school (up to 18 years old). The Nursery, Junior and Senior Schools pupils are on the same campus and in the same building. The Principal is Tom McPhail, who has held the position since 2016.

Although it is a Christian school, there is no church affiliated, and the school has pupils from other cultural backgrounds.


Hamilton College was opened in 1983 by Charles Oxley. The Nursery opened on the same campus in 1995. The building had originally opened as a teacher training college in 1964. Hamilton College was the third school Oxley opened. He had already founded Scarisbrick Hall Boarding School and Tower College, in North-West England.

The school badge is inspired by the scripture "to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ". This verse from 2Peter 3:18 provided the original inspiration for the College’s Growing Together theme.

In July 2016, Tom McPhail was appointed as acting principal, replacing John Taylor.


All S1 and S2 pupils at the school study Latin, and have the option to continue this.

The college has high academic standards. In recent years it has had a 93% pass rate at SQA Higher, with a 100% pass rate in many subjects, including mathematics.

Notable former pupils

  • Arlene Holmes-Henderson, Fulbright Scholar and educational researcher
  • Scott Forrest, retired professional rugby player and current coach of women's rugby
  • Katie Leung, actress
  • Anton Danyluk, Love Island contestant, 2019