Halsey may refer to:


  • Halsey (surname), including a list of people
  • Halsey (singer) (born 1994), American singer and songwriter
  • Halsey baronets, a title in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom

    Places in the United States

  • Halsey, Oregon, city in Linn County
  • Halsey, Nebraska, village in Blaine and Thomas counties
  • Halsey, Wisconsin, town in Marathon County
  • Halsey Field House, multi-purpose arena at the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland
  • Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, contemporary art institute within the School of the Arts at the College of Charleston, South Carolina
  • Halsey Street (disambiguation)

    Other uses

  • Halsey Brook, a creek in East Jewett, New York, United States
  • , several United States Navy vessels
  • Halsey, a menswear fashion company started by Robbie Rogers